Tuesday, 15 July 2014


By: Tim Jarvis

The Pressery

Less is More! It is important for a company to have brand identity and whilst browsing looking for different brands I can across The Pressery, an organic wholefoods company. The minimalist aesthetic of the package and stationary compliments the ethos of the company, in that they do not use many ingredients in their products.

Monday, 14 July 2014

BIG FISH: Marketing + Branding Agency

Portfolio Item
Portfolio ItemPortfolio ItemPortfolio ItemPortfolio ItemPortfolio Item

Big Fish was one of the first agencies that I wanted to pursue in my career.

Set up in 1994 by creative director, Perry Haydn Taylor, Bid Fish has grown to be a very well respited and decorated design agency known for putting brands on the map with minimum to no advertising.

Another aspect that I admire about Big Fish is that they work as a collaborative practice in that the agency is made up of commercial and brand strategists, art directors, designers, copywriters, artworkers, web developers, account managers, illustrators, photographers, animators, sales promotion experts and social media marketers to name a few.

Ever since I saw Dorset Cereals and Clippers Tea's n my local supermarket is when I went on the hunt to find out who was the mastermind behind such beautiful packaging design and branding. I remember the first time I saw the Dorset Cereals box sitting on a shelf in my local supermarket and like a magpie being drawn to its matte texture and rich colours. You know that a deign works when you suddenly have a craving for muesli for dinner!

A R T I S T of the Week: Molly Jacques


Whilst browsing through design websites for inspiration, I happened to stumble across typographical artist, Molly Jacques . Everything she does is completed with such meticulous finesse and her lettering  is so fluid when incorporated with photography and her feminine essence she instills. Her typographic style is more of a cursive serif style which is something that I would want to try my hand at. I have a passion for hand lettering but haven't yet mastered my own personal technique which I understand takes some time to fine tune. I will make more of an effort to encourage a skill such as this as it is a valuable asset to have.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I believe that VSCO is the David to Instagram's Goliath.

There is a genuine transparency that comes from VSCO compared to Instagram's slowly dying novelty. This is the reason why I chose VSCO over Instagram.

Visual Supply Company as they are fully known, focus more on the image rather than popularity; essence over form, the way it should be. (in my humble opinion)

PERSONAL WORK: Jace Beauty Hair

This was one of the first design competitions that I entered and was fortunate enough to win. It was for a weaving hair company that asked its followers to design a logo for them as they wanted to have that community essence to it. I chose enter as I wanted to expand my portfolio and was quite attracted to the fact that they gave the entrants no boundaries. I chose to keep it simple and classy as this was the brand image I felt that they wanted to represent.

DESIGN SPOTLIGHT: Minimalist Packaging

A recently discovered interest of mine is packaging design. I'm the person that goes into Selfridges and drools over the artisan sections where matte packaging finds its resting place. Or rummaging for snacks in Tesco only to notice the new tea packaging or the rebranding of Tesco's value line.

So, when I stumbled upon this project I just had to share! Designed by recent graduate Beth Fox-Fuller, it goes to show that less does mean more...much more!

Focusing on the heart of the brand and the relationship it wants to have with it's customers, this complete redesign is highly successful in meeting that need. The matte card and glassine bags are complimentary to the use of white space and the choice of typography works well in reinforcing a personable brand voice.

If my local Asda had packaging like this I know where I'd be buying!